The Artist is Present, 2017
Virtual Reality Simulation

In a way of questioning authorship, what it means to be “present,” and re-performance, the viewer stands in line waiting to wear the VR mask and sit down with Marina Abramović.

Repetition, 2017
Inkjet Photocopies (24)

Part of a larger exploration into the presence of authorship and identity through materiality.

I have no interest in making objects, 2017
Inkjet Photocopies of Acrylic Painting (100+)

Process photos of an installation exploring frustration, the concept of productivity defining human worth, and humor. 

If I am to become anything other than simply human (iv), 2017
Text, performance
Part of a larger series exploring what is “lost in translation” through even the most direct forms of communication, and how we can try to fill in the gaps between each other. The same text is translated through different forms of language, losing more and more of its original meaning each time, while also gaining new meanings through presentation.