The painting generator

The painting generator is an award-winning simple code that takes a pre-catalogued network of painted symbols common to abstract images and, upon release of the enter key on the keyboard, generates these symbols within a set parameter of space. The appearance of each symbol and its hue, value, saturation, luminescence, and brightness are all randomly generated. The ground plane is generated within parameters of lighter value for ease of readability.

The Painting Generator was orignally exhibited accompanied by a quote from William J. Mitchell, 1995:
Once you break the bounds of your skin in this way, you will also begin to blend into the architecture. In other words, some of your electronic organs may be built into your surroundings. There is no great difference, after all, between a laptop computer and a desktop model, between a wristwatch and a clock on the wall, or between a hearing aid fitted into your ear and a special public telephone for the hard-of-hearing in its little booth. It is just a matter of what the organ is physically attached to, and that is of little importance in a wireless world where every electronic device has some built-in computation and telecommunications capacity. So ‘inhabitation’ will take on a new meaning-- one that has less to do with parking your bones in architecturally defined space and more with connecting your nervous system to nearby electronic organs.

fall 2017, interactive digital media (defunct)