Is this for lovers or are we just friends?

sign, fall 2019

Taking a hint from Baudrillard’s Ethics of Labor, Aesthetics of Play, sculptures based on street signs function as a subtle way to enter the semi-conscious; such complex objects, made to be both noticeable for drivers, yet blend in with the ephemeral, changing landscape of the passing car window, road signs function as subliminal messages from a higher order of road conduct that instructs us on how to behave.

What, then, can sub-liminal, semi-conscious objects that exist only in the periphery of our perceptions accomplish in other orders? Are there messages we can convey in such short bursts of information? Can we, collectively, come to a shared interpretation of meaning from fragments of information spread throughout the topology of our cohabited urban space?

This sculpture was part of the Terrain Biennial in Portland, ME, 2019, kindly hosted by the VIA Design Agency.