This collection of paintings for the Maine College of Art undergraduate BFA thesis is titled Making Nothing Out of Something, with an accompanying  paper elaborating on the concepts explored throughout the work. The official statement from the exhibition is as follows:
Painting is a vessel through which I can ask the following questions: what does it mean to live a non-binary existence in denial of existing systems of oppression? How can I live as a post-y2k citizen in a world of increasing globalization and capitalist enterprises subsuming identity? How can I negotiate cultural signifiers of simulacrum, love, and play with the violence inherent in predetermined aesthetics and hierarchical power structures of affective labor and capital?

I feel I have to explore these questions through painting; it is my responsibility as an artist to negotiate privilege and oppressive behaviors in cultural artifacts and to critically examine that which I consume to be cognizant of the power structures of gender, race, ability, and other determining sociopolitical factors that define living under capitalism. If I want to exist outside of binary structures of power, I first have the responsibility to negotiate my place within them and be accountable for my interactions. Painting allows me to examine my relationship with capitalism and subvert my affective identity within these systems.

Angel's Afternoon (Delight), Oil on canvas mounted to panel, 16x20"

The accompanying thesis can be read here.︎
Drowning☆Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Oil on canvas, 50x54"

"Thank you! Your POKEMON are fighting fit!", Oil on canvas, 40x50"