A light shines through the darkness

Artists surveyed in this exhibition include Mary Corse, Donald Judd, Francois Morellet, Blinky Palermo, and Anne Truitt.
spring 2019
available on Mac OSX and Windows at itch.io

A LIGHT SHINES THROUGH THE DARKNESS is a fictional, simulated exhibiton of real artwork found on view at the museum of Dia:Beacon. Drawn from the artistic parallels between the forms of minimalism and early video games, the simulated exhibition asks questions about the future of the art gallery in evolving digital spaces, from authorship to affect to autonomy.

The exhibition is modeled after the Atari 2600 game Adventure, but replaces object signifiers with the artworks from Dia’s collection. In the paintings by Mary Corse and Blinky Palermo, one can see the formal similarities to the rooms displayed in the Atari game; from this starting point, the exhibition was first “curated” as an extension of asking a question about play:

Can simulation open the doors to greater accessibility within artwork and more creative, experimental curation, or does the degradation of  affect then affect our abilities to experience artwork in any meaningful way?

The push-pull narrative between the artists and curators as the authors of this exhibition are here made into a game the same way the games of the 1980s asked us to author our own narratives to make the artwork compelling. What is site specificity when the site is a simulation? What is the exhibition without the object?